Thursday, January 28, 2010

tired happy confident

Umm.  Life is a bit of a marathon just now, as I'm finishing the one job and beginning the other at the same time.  Work and sleep,without very big intervals between.

I did work out this morning.  Treadmill again.  I'm liking it more than I did.  Also: the new job requires me to walk around the building fairly frequently.  That is MUCH better for my back (and general health) than stuck in the chair all day.  I'm lovin' it.

Last night during the State of the Union speech, I cozied up to the tape measure.  A few numbers were exactly the same, and quite a few of them were smaller (some by only less than a centimeter, some by almost 2 inches.)  One was bigger, which only goes to prove I lack skills at measuring my bust by myself.  Oh well.  

My calories should have come out okay today, I think.  Usual pre-workout and breakfast foods.  Amazing lunch at work included swordfish with lemon juice, wild rice, and lightly steamed broccoli (all in very appropriately sized proportions) with a glass of water.  I stuck to one reasonable plate of supper at my sister's house.  The only indulgence was a decent-sized rice krispy bar with some kind of butterscotch on/in it.  I am way too tired to figure out calories; I shoulda been in bed already. 

Last note:  yesterday (or was it the day before that?) I got a killer deal on a clearanced jacket (originally $89; I paid just under $14).  I am feeling so good about my progress that I bought the jacket in 3 sizes.  After all, with this job I will ALWAYS need a good black jacket, and I definitely intend to shrink 2 or more sizes before I am done.

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