Thursday, January 14, 2010

aghkghkghhhhh my throat....

This afternoon contained 6 large mugs of hot tea with sugar and milk (390).  Darn this river of drainage in the back of my throat!

Ran late getting home from Bible study tonight; the son was gone when I got here.  So I ate leftovers, kind of:  tacos.  

4 hard shells (240)
1 cup black beans (220)
1/4 cup lean ground beef (95)

2 tbsp salsa (8)

Drinking water, chewing gum, taking medicine, trying desperately to head this wicked icky off before it settles deep into me.  Argh.  If something doesn't take effect soon, I'll be sleeping in the recliner tonight so I don't choke all night.  Looks like I'm going soup shopping tomorrow, as soon as I get my paycheck.

Not really caring about calories in my life at this moment, but I'll stop and count them anyway.  


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