Friday, January 8, 2010

dang...bedtime summary

Okay I HATE reconstructing a day at bedtime.  But I feel like I need to stay after this, cuz my downhill slides tend to be wicked.  Let's see.  I was at 355 calories for the day as of my previous post.  

Had lunch out with my mom - Chinese buffet.  Ate a big plate of all sorts of meat/veggie dishes (random calorie guess:  400), with only about 1/3 cup of pork fried rice (110).  Also enjoyed hot & sour soup, along with water and hot tea.  

Had a small banana (90) and 1/4 oz (literally, 2 small bites) extra sharp cheddar cheese (27) for afternoon snack.

Supper at a friend's house:  reduced fat wheat crackers (130) with spinach dip (100), salad (10) with ranch dressing (100), spaghetti (300), and garlic bread (250).

Hot chocolate with whipped cream (along with good conversation) (300).

Total for the day....


I am soooooooooooooooooo hungry and it's 10:38 pm.  Pondering whether to eat or try to sleep it off.  

**EDIT**  I remembered I forgot to count the hot and sour soup (159).  That puts my daily total to 2331.

I had better just call it a day.

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