Tuesday, January 5, 2010

nauseously begun but good

Workout day 2 is completed.  

When I got to the YMCA, some really fit dude was stretching next to the scale.  Seriously.  No WAY I was going over there.  But while I picked a machine and figured out where to put my water bottle, he moved on to a treadmill.  Whew.  I stepped on the instrument of torture and it gave me a horrifying number:  272

I think that is probably the highest number I've ever seen on a scale.  I don't really feel like facing it, much less telling it.  But despite the fact that I have ejected denial from my life on a number of fronts, it's still alive and well, where my weight is concerned.  I am ALWAYS shocked at how fat I am when I see pictures of me.  That's been true since way back when I weighed about 130, many lifetimes ago.  SO.  The number goes up on the page, as a part of Karen's Facing Reality program.  

Having that magic number meant I could let the elliptical machine calculate calories for me.  In my 30 minutes this morning, I went 1.91 miles (which actually discourages me tremendously, when I know a 20 minute mile is a decent WALKING goal) and I burned 313 calories.  Something I recall from working out before:  knowing the calories burnt in a workout is a lot of help when tempting foods come my way - I can look and say to myself, "I'd have to work out for an hour to make up for that" and suddenly the food is less tempting. 

In other Facing Reality notes, I was astonished/horrified to learn last night that the narrowest spot of my waist is bigger than my chest.  Holy cow.  I'm even more pear-shaped than I thought.  

Okay so anyway, I seem to be focusing negatively this morning.  Positive things:

*I did my workout today, and it was easier to go than yesterday.

*I have faced the horrors of measuring tape and scale, and lived to tell about it.
*I felt better last night at bedtime than I have in awhile. 

The acai berry tablets require 8 oz of water when one takes them (had them just before breakfast, as the instructions dictate...I hope that pre-workout half a power bar doesn't mess with the results...)  I'm still nauseous this morning.  That 8 oz was hard to get down.  Comforting myself now with a big mug of hot tea with milk and sugar (65).  Breakfast was 1 slice toast (Nutty Oat, which boasts "14 grams WHOLE GRAINS per slice" on the front) (110) with 1 tbsp Smucker's Natural Peanut Butter, chunky (105) and homemade crabapple jelly (50).

And now:  for my necessary calories daily.  I went to livestrong.com, which asked my age, height, weight, activity level (I chose "moderately active" - I think it fits since I am working out and also doing regular housework), and how much weight I want to lose (I chose 2 lb per week). 

My calories should be at 2377.

If I had chosen "lightly active" - which is defined as "seated and standing activities" - that number would be 1927.  

I'm liking that range of numbers, to get me started. I can definitely eat within those parameters. 

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