Friday, January 15, 2010

whining out the summary

I'b sick.  My froat herts. By sinuses are draining.  Whiny fer shur.  Wahhhhh!!!!

No workout today.  I know some hardcore sorts who say push through and you'll be better.  Research shows me that's only true for the sniffles.  I'm sicker than sniffles by a lot.  No workout today.  

4 a.m. juice so I could breathe and not choke - 1 cup Grape/Cranberry (130)

Cinnamon toast (160) for breakfast with another cup of that juice (130)

Homemade chicken soup for lunch.  Hard to figure the calories; in the big pan were 1 chicken leg quarter (cooked 7 hours), a bunch of turnips and carrots, a few brussels sprouts, a lot of salt, bouillon and pepper, a bay leaf, and a very few noodle rings of the spaghettio like shape.  Looks to me like the whole giant bowl shouldn't have been more than 200 calories tops (and that's probably guessing way high.)  Also had 10 saltines (120) and another cup of that juice (130). 

So it's just after one and I'm at 870 calories.  I'm kind of too sick to care right now about my success or failure in the diet arena today. 

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