Wednesday, January 6, 2010

pre-nap summary

Worked until noon, and then worked out.  I forgot to pack a power bar, so I got a Chex Mix Turtle Bar (130) out of the vending machine at 11, to stave off the growly tummy and get me through my workout.  It clearly had A LOT of sugar in it...but the good part about that was it made me able to drink a whole bunch of water.  See, there's an up side to everything...

Did the elliptical again (note to self:  I really need to vary my workouts and not get stuck in a rut....) and I am pleased with the results.  30 minutes, 2 miles, 345 calories.  I used the best machine at the Y today, which shows me on a graph where my heart rate falls on a scale of weight loss/cardiovascular/red zone.  Watching it made me realize 155 is NOT my target zone...that's in the red.  I need to stay between about 133 and 147, according to the machine.  And I did...or, at least, when I wasn't in it, I was on the high side and not the low.  What I love about the elliptical is changing directions, incline, and resistance many times throughout the 30 minutes (and my speed too).   Drank a decent amount of water while I worked out.

Lunch was the last of that amazing pasta dish I made yesterday (390), a medium apple (80) and a handful of baby carrots (50) with a tall glass of lightly sweetened tea (60).

The combination of 3:45 a.m. wake-up, a fairly busy shift at work, the workout, my lovely hot shower, and that feast are piling up.  I think I'm headed for a nap.  

But first:  let's do a mid-day calorie tally...


Cool.  If I were a skinny girl, I'd be out of calories now; as it is, I still have roughly a thousand to play with for the rest of the day.  WOO HOO!!

My blanket is calling my name.

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