Wednesday, November 25, 2009

breakfast today and leaving yesterday behind

breakfast at 4:30 a.m. (so I could open the Y):  multi-grain toast, 1 slice (110) with all-natural peanut butter (210) and crab apple jelly (60), big glass of skim milk (120)

coffee at work, huge, with sugar and creamer (150)

I'm not going back to summarize yesterday's calories.  On one hand, I behaved myself very well while cooking the Thanksgiving feast...only ate one Oreo.  And I also didn't eat any pie afterward, so that's good.  BUT I did enjoy the feast awfully, groaningly full much.  Turkey with alllll the trimmings WOW.  So I am sure the calorie news was not good.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

i remembered i forgot... count my big glass of skim milk at breakfast (120).

Walked 45 minutes, outside.  Soon enough, outside won't be an option.  Gotta grab the chance while I can.  On a completely superficial note, the combination of my weight and fair complexion means working out turns me red as a tomato, not to mention sweaty in a very un-ladylike way.  No matter how awesome I feel for pushing through and getting the work done, the look in the mirror afterward is always a "yuck" moment.  

Not that anyone was really watching me, anyway.

breakfast on what will be a feasting day

Today/tonight I am cooking a Thanksgiving feast for my youth church kids.  If I don't get my motivation stirred up a bit, today is going to be a high-number day, where calories are concerned.  Hmm.

Anyway breakfast:  multi-grain toast, 1 slice (110) with all-natural peanut butter (210) and crab apple jelly (60), along with a big mug of hot tea with raw sugar (120).

Day, here I come.

tying up yesterday, later than i should

I learned before that finishing up "tomorrow" with documenting today's food is a sure way to miss items.  But I let yesterday get away from me (too busy having fun to remember to write it down)...soo...I'll catch up and then work at doing better going forward.

The rest of yesterday included:

afternoon snack of cantaloupe balls (the last from the freezer):  120

supper: homemade beef noodles (funny, considering I just wrote about cooking cheaply) (600...I went back for seconds...noodles are my weakness) and homemade applesauce (100) with a big glass of skim milk (120)

Total calories for the day: 1865, which would be too much for someone who is a size six, but is right on target for weight loss at my current size.  

Which still doesn't mean I should have eaten so many beef noodles.

Monday, November 23, 2009

sunny lunch and thoughts on cooking cheaply

leftover homemade 15 bean soup (300), ginormous (yet sadly, chewy) apple (100), water

One of the challenges:  I am currently (newly) unemployed.  It's hard for me to spend funds on fresh fruits and veggies even without that factor.  A decade and a half of doing daycare in my home trained me well for feeding lots of people:  make a huge pile of cheap carbs, put in just enough protein to make it feel like a treat, lavish the fat and spices, plop little bits of canned fruits and veggies along the side, and everyone will be happy without turning your pockets inside out.  And then there were the years of a houseful of teenage boys - more meat, but still, a focus on large amounts of cheap carbs.  I know how to do cheap.  I know where to shop for the bottom dollar - so when people complain about their grocery bill and then use words like HyVee...well, I just smile.  Dude.  I could totally cut your grocery bill in half.

Not that the menu would be good for you.  More like a fat-builder.  Which is what I need to change.

I've been un-training myself from cooking for 10 for a long time, and I'm kind of getting the hang of that.  I've been moving away from canned (read: nearly zero nutrition) and toward fresh...right up till I lost my job.

I come from a family that keeps the food storage space maxed out at all times.  We are well-stocked here with things that keep.  Cans.  Jars.  Rice.  Noodles.  Beans.  Instant mixes for sides.  The freezer still has some home-grown stuff, but it's now over a year old, which means we'll need to get it used up...and all the really good goodies from the summer-before-last's garden are long gone. 

I could feed us for a month...probably longer...without buying much more than milk and eggs along the way.

The challenge:  cooking toward fitness and not the security of being stuffed on comfort food.

The other thing we are in our family is "can do" people. 

Which means, in theory, I can do it.

here's to day one on the try, try again train


old-fashioned oats (150) with raisins (65), brown sugar (90), and walnuts (100); plus a big mug of hot tea with raw sugar (120)

Took a 45 minute walk this morning.  For most of it, I was walking the "right" speed, as measured by:  I could have talked, if I wanted to (not gasping for my last breath), but I really wouldn't have wanted to.  Got my blood pumping nicely.  And I remembered to stretch after, so that should help me not to get too stiff and sore, methinks.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Well I am back. I fell off the wagon badly and simultaneously lost access to my blogger account for awhile (confusion amidst the login process which is not worth explaining here.)

I need to get refocused on fitness. Today I took a Very Long Walk on a beautiful afternoon. That was a good step. I need to get my stuff together quite a bit more than that. Let's see if I can get back to business.