Tuesday, January 5, 2010

notes while the car warms up

Okay, so the battle to leave my bed was easier today than yesterday.

I spent some up-close-and-personal time with the tape measure last night.  Found a little notebook, in which I drew me as a stick person (mmm never looked so good!  LOL) and then marked measurements on that.  I'm not in the mood just now to be so naked as to put the numbers here.  

I'll decide later whether I'm putting my weight up.  I am actually filled with dread at using the scale this morning...partly because I don't want to see the number myself, and partly because the good scale at the Y is in a very public area.  Not gonna lie, there has been major whining within me about that this morning already.  

I took some time last night to get out my Old Lady Pill Holder thingy and fill it.  So I've just taken my "morning" vitamins with my pre-workout snack/meal/thingy, which is comprised of half a power bar (105) and 1/2 cup of grape/pomegranate juice (65).  That's substantially more than 100 calories, but I can't face water yet (early mornings make me nauseous, a fact ever since I was pregnant with my son 20 years ago) and I needed something to wash the vitamins down.   

Better go find my toothbrush.

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