Monday, January 4, 2010

lunch out...not so bad...and some weight loss purchases

We went Chinese for lunch.  LOVE MY CHINESE!  I got the almond chicken.  Ate half, with no more than a few bites of the rice (280), along with egg drop soup (90), 2 crab rangoon (140), a wonton (55), and lots of hot tea and cold water.  Gave my eggroll to my friend.  I thought I had pretty decent restraint.  

The waiter put ALL the rice in my take-home box...I sure wish he'd have let me do that myself.  

Had 1 cup of lightly sweetened tea (1/2 cup sugar per 2 qts of tea) (30) when I got home.

Truth:  I AM HUNGRY.  

I bought a few weight-loss related items while I was out:
     *new sweatpants, one pair - I was down to one very worn out pair, which won't survive a lot of wash and wear.  Here's hoping the next pair won't have to be 4X (okay, I coulda went one size smaller but tight sweatpants are NOT a good idea at my size....)
     *a Brita water pitcher - my lovely daughter left her good water bottle when she moved out.  I'll fill it in the mornings with cold fridge water and not break the bank, nor kill the environment with piles of plastic refuse.
     *a box of power bars - thinking about what to eat before an early morning workout is TOO HARD.  I'll eat half a power bar and call it good. 
     *a bottle of Acai Berry - 14 day cleanse stuff.  Let's just say that last night my body was talking to me about considering some sort of colon cleanse process, and then today I heard a radio commercial, so I grabbed some and we'll see if it changes the way my gut has been feeling. 
     *a measuring tape - I need to make some starting marks.  I'll use that thing tonight (eek) and the scale in the morning at the Y (ugg) and then at least I'll be able to track a bit.  Color me unexcited.  

Guess I'd better calculate my calories thus far, before I consider supper (insert adding machine noises here):

1055 calories

Okay.  I'll do a re-calculation tomorrow when I have actual real weight numbers to deal with, but I was roughly this weight before and back then I think my daily allotment of calories to lose pounds was about 1775.  So!  Looks like I can have a decent supper. 

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