Tuesday, January 12, 2010

and crashing past the limits she merrily goes...

So I was REALLY hungry at afternoon snack.  Had 2 tacos. 

2 hard shells (120)
1/4 cup refried beans (70)
1/4 cup lean ground beef (95)
2 tbsp shredded cheddar (100)

1/4 cup tomatoes (8)

Youth church is always that killer combo of cheap carbs and fats.  Tonight was no exception.  I did..eh....okay on portion control.  Coulda been better, but sure coulda been worse. 

4 link sausages (856) (WAIT...WHAT?!)

big helping of mac-n-cheese  (410) (uh-oh..)

half cup of kool aid  (30)

french vanilla cake (240) with 
apple pie topping (100) and
whipped cream (100)

Cue the ominous music....calories for the day....


Let's note today as "a learning by trying day" and put it behind us.

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