Sunday, January 10, 2010

all in one fell swoop

And here I am, summarizing an entire day in one post.  This is not smart.  But it's Sunday, so I won't be too hard on me.

Breakfast was 1 slice toast (the nutty oat ran out, so now I have Healthy Choice 7 grain bread yummmm)(80) with 1 tbsp Smucker's Natural Peanut Butter, chunky (105) and homemade crabapple jelly (got a little out of control with the spreading of the jelly) (100), and 1 cup of skim milk (45). 

Lunch was leftover chili (525) and half a grilled cheese sandwich (160) with 1 cup skim milk (45).

Afternoon snack was 2 big mugs of tea with sugar and milk (130) and a slice of cinnamon toast (130). 

Supper was one serving of cheeseburger macaroni (360), a lettuce/tomato salad (20) with garlic vinagrette dressing (64) and a bit of parmesan/romano cheese (20).  Water to drink.  

So my calories for the day were:  1784

I did not work out today at all, so those seem like good numbers.  No snacks tonight!

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