Monday, January 4, 2010

well begun

Okay, so I did it.  Put my coat on, stomped out the door to my semi-frozen car, and Got Myself to the YMCA.  Yes, there were lights on (curses!) and yes, there was conversation (but that wasn't so was a friend with whom I truly NEVER get tired of talking), and yes, I had to move this booty.  But I did it and survived!  YAY!

I should have weighed myself first; that was the first question the elliptical machine asked me.  I punched "quick start" and ignored all requests for other input.  I'll use a smarter approach in a day or two; today's objective was simply to Do Something.  

I did 30 minutes on the elliptical, with my pulse running between 155 and 165 (I seem to recall that was my target, back when I was trying very hard.)  I forgot to stretch before, but I got some really good stretching done in the shower afterward (hot water is my friend!)  

I should have taken a bottle of water; I was absolutely parched by 15 minutes in.  I've been observing the signs of dehydration in my body for weeks now (and doing nothing about it, btw); that's not gonna work with working out.  Note to self:  drink water, on purpose, regardless of how much you don't feel like it.

I'm glad I did it.  Yesterday was a very sedentary day (driving, church, more driving, more church, more driving, sitting at the YMCA front desk all afternoon, sitting in my recliner, and off to bed)...and I felt just downright icky at bedtime.  I think remembering that ickiness helped me this morning in the Great War to Get Out From Under the Covers.

Now I can enjoy some hot tea and watch the light on the snow outside my kitchen window while I write my gratitude list.  And consider breakfast.

Ahhhh.  That's more like it.

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