Wednesday, January 13, 2010

still squishy

My tummy trouble lasted all day; keeping it warm seemed to ease the pain a bit, so I stayed mostly under a blanket in the recliner.  Still went to work, because I don't feel SICK, just in pain.  Tired from opening the Y, though; I had a nice nap in the afternoon.

I told the lovely daughter about my abdominal woes and she intoned, "Does this have to do with colon cleansing?"  Eh.  Probably.  Though I wonder why the Acai would have taken 8 days before this effect.  I dunno.  Playing it safe and not taking it tonight, since the tummy still hurts (skipping my vitamins too, since sometimes they bother my stomach mildly and I've had enough, thanks.)  

Truth:  I had less pain while at work than before that.  Dunno if that  means it's getting better or simply that I notice it more keenly when I'm less distracted.  Not enjoying pondering that. 

Hot soup for lunch really helped a lot.  Chicken noodle, the whole can (150) and 10 saltines (120).  

Afternoon snack before work was 2 slices cinnamon toast (320)...I am back to 110 calorie-per-slice bread (it was what was on the Wal-Mart shelf)...and a big mug of hot tea with sugar and milk (65); that heat also helped.  

Worked tonight.  My appetite has been way down today (thank God); I'm a little hungry, but not what I'd expect for having no supper.  Gonna count my calories and then consider bedtime supper.  

Okay, so I'm at 1240 for the day.  This means I can eat (with the way my tummy feels, very little danger that I'd overdo at this point.)

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