Thursday, March 3, 2011

saved by the big fat mouth

Tonight I made plans to go to my workout at 6:30.

Then I worked my side job until after 6.  Standing at the elevator a few minutes later with my plate of cold supper in my hand and my feet aching, I was ready to skip the workout.  I opened my big fat mouth and said so to a lady sitting there in the lobby.  I'm tired, there's not time to eat, change, and get down here in 15 minutes to start on time.  

Her answer was simple:  You can go late.  

Umm.  Yeah.  That's what my coworker did last night while I sat on my bed gleefully eating a chocolate chip cookie, telling myself I was "too late" anyway. 

I'm awfully glad I opened my big fat mouth.  And that the lady in the lobby opened hers.  And that my coworker mentioned how last night went.  I made it to the workout, only a couple of minutes late.

It wasn't my most graceful workout.  

But I did it.

Today, though just by the skin of my teeth, I chose love.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

gleeful unapologetic self-saboteur

Had a wonderful time tonight at my supper Bible study.  It ran long that it was really too late to change and make it to my workout.

I was gleeful.  Ecstatic.  So happy to have an excuse for missing the workout.  Even after having enjoyed ice cream cake for a birthday celebration.  Even with a giant chocolate chip cookie wrapped in a napkin to save for later.

Looks like I still have plenty of room to go on this journey...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

progress even after time off...amazing

Made it back to my workout tonight - that has been interrupted for almost 2 weeks for various reasons.  I figured everything would be super hard after the time off; my motivating friend said otherwise.  Good news:  she was right!  I still have the plank 90% conquered, pushups were manageable, and I didn't feel as much like crying as usual when we did wall squats.  

Another friend tells me I can probably reduce the leg pain that steals my sleep so often by doing more stretching afterward.  That's worth a try.  

It must be bedtime...I'm hungry.  Sorry, can complain to me, but I love you too much to give in on this one.

In other news, my sweat pants are beginning to be sort of embarrassingly big.  Except I'm not's like wearing a trophy.