Thursday, January 14, 2010

eating in front of others, and lunch

I worked 10-1; awkward working right through ALL of my possible lunch times.  I took an apple and a power bar along for snacks, but didn't eat either; there were consistently a lot of people at the front desk.  The reason that matters to me:  I find that some people are utterly unruffled if you eat around them.  They barely notice, or of they do, it's in a minimal/pleasant way.  And then there are other people...even some people I like VERY MUCH...who respond differently.  Who watch with sort of an icky fascination...I can see the measuring of amounts of food and spare pounds on this bod...the processing within, all while trying to act like it's nothing...and it really makes eating in front of them Not a Pleasant Thing.  I don't know this to be true of ANY of the very nice people who were around my desk today; it was the unknown "will they be cool, or will they make me feel like Jabba the Hut while I eat" factor.  So I didn't have any snack.  

Came home HUNGRY!  Default setting:  leftovers!

3 hard shells (180)
1/2 cup refried beans (140)
1/4 cup lean ground beef (95)

1/4 cup tomatoes (8)

And a glass of diet coke (yeah, it's not good for me...but it's calorie free!!)

I feel ickiness in the back of my throat, like maybe I'm trying to get a cold.  I don't want a cold.  

Gonna go make me some hot tea to help the throat.  But first:  calories for the day thus far...


Okay, that's room to work. 

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