Tuesday, January 5, 2010

yummy lunchy

Okay so I was HUNGRY and we ate early.  Cooked a nice meal; tonight I'll be gone to youth group and I like to have a nice meal with my son once a day if it can be managed.  

Main course for lunch was whole wheat rigatoni with chicken breast cooked in olive oil, marinated portabello mushrooms, onion, garlic, chunks of mozzarella, pesto, and parmesan/romano sprinkled atop.   Can you say YUM?  I cooked what I thought was 2 servings, measuring very carefully; in the pan, it was 3.  My portion of it came to 390 calories.  Putting the leftover portion into a container in the fridge was pure torture...I wanted to just feast on its deliciousness.  If I hadn't had to write it down....well, I'd have stuffed my face with it.  No lie.  Score this one a victory.

Also enjoyed a handful of baby carrots (30) and half an apple (40), along with a big glass of lightly sweetened tea (60).  

By my calculations, that puts me at 1020 calories thus far.  This is good news; tonight is youth church, and it is my biggest weekly self-control issue, where food is concerned.  I've got some calories to play with and that is GOOD.

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