Monday, January 4, 2010

dear naked blog, i hate your guts

Or maybe it's just Monday morning that I hate.  Or perhaps it's -7 degrees that's making me snarly.  Mostly, it's my own utter lack of motivation that is frustrating me this morning.

I have been awake, more or less, for about an hour.  Enjoying my radio programs and arguing with myself about when to work out, all while safely under my covers.  

I don't WANT to work out this early.  I want to sit at my kitchen table and drink something hot and write my gratitude list.  My car, exiled from the garage by my son's car (which sits in front of the door with 2 flat tires), is covered in a thick layer of frost and ice.  There will be bright lights and noise at the YMCA.  People will talk to me when I feel like being quiet.  

And I'll have to move this sluggish body.  Which I don't feel like doing.  Yes, my attitude sucks this morning.  I suppose THAT is what I really hate (she whines....)

The truth is I need to work out this early.  My most successful run at getting in shape included early morning workouts.  They set my energy level at a good place.  They get me started burning calories immediately.  And they save me from my procrastinating self, who will otherwise say "I'll do it in a little while" all day long, until the day is spent.  

And the early morning crew at the YMCA have taught me a lot over the years about consistency.  Nobody hangs in there like the before 7 a.m. crowd.  Nobody has such a consistently positive attitude about pretty much everything.  I worked there for about 3 years, and left for about 3 years, and when I returned, I saw the same faces are still showing up now as did back when I started there the first time.  

Talk about a good example. 

So, my car is defrosting and I need to find a pony tail holder - my hair wasn't this long the last time around.  

Remembered advice from the trainer with whom I once worked:  eat about 100 calories or so before working out, to get the metabolism going and whatnot.

1/2 cup frosted shredded mini wheats (100) and 1/4 cup skim milk (25).

Better go find my toothbrush. 

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