Tuesday, March 31, 2009

get back on that pony and ride

Okay so I sort of dodged responsible dieting this weekend. Pretty tired of salad, pretty tired of thinking about every single thing I eat, and basically I just let a bad attitude have my weekend.

The good thing is I don't believe either day was a 5,000 calorie blowout. I think I was somewhere in the neighborhood of maintenance or just above it.

Yesterday I was better, though I am hurrying this morning and not taking the time to count calories retroactively. It was a very full day, with work and then my late-night Bible study...when I finally got to bed around 11:30 I didn't feel like doing the reconstruct.

This is where the rubber meets the road in a life change. My jeans fit so much better and I'm bored with thinking of food when there are so much more interesting things to think of and it would be easy to just quit. AGAIN.

Picking the naked blog back up in hopes of kicking my own butt over my self-made mountain of resistance.

Breakfast oatmeal (150) banana (100) sugar (135) skim milk (25).

And off I go, before I manage to be late for work.

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