Friday, March 13, 2009

fried fiday night

Working at a shelter has its jolts; this afternoon I encountered one big enough to make me too busy to eat at all. Afterward it took what felt like superhuman strength to resist stress eating fast food on the drive home. BUT I RESISTED! Yay me!

Daughter bought me dinner out, as I was completely fried and had a meeting at 7. I got shell pasta loaded with olives, peppers, onions and sauce, and had them leave the mozzarella off. Enjoyed the garlic bread too, and ate my salad and my daughter's, with just a tiny bit of italian dressing. I have studied it a bit and am guessing that supper at 770 calories.

Before bed, we had root beer floats made with diet root beer and fat free frozen yogurt (90).

Count for the day: 1759, if I got it right.

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