Friday, March 20, 2009

end of the day: squishy tummy and thoughts on too few calories

Snack when I got home, sooooooo hungry: 1.5 cups cereal (260) and .75 cup skim milk (68). It was good, but I was still very hungry.

Supper later - the only thing that sounded comforting: pot pie (300) and 1 cup skim milk (90). Made me instantly queasy as soon as I finished it. Guess sounding comforting ain't good enough.

Total calories today: 1372.

I am a little worried about my calories being so consistently low while I'm feeling so punk. My recommended weight loss calories are 1876. While once upon a time doctors thought a 1000 calorie weight loss diet was for everyone, since then they have learned that the count has to be set by both body weight and activity levels. My body weight is high, so my calorie level, even for weight loss, is high.

Contrary to what might "make sense" to us, that going lower equals losing faster, the truth is that going too low sends our miraculously made bodies into survival mode. In that mode, our bodies hang onto the fat for all they are worth. Therefore, lower calories can equal slower weight loss.

Man, I'd hate to be slowing my weight loss right now!

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