Friday, March 13, 2009

delayed thursday summary

Hey now it's Friday morning, and I haven't yet summarized Thursday! Came home to Much To Do and never got back to blogging fun. Twas a Very Late Night. Grrr.

Finishing up yesterday:

2 afternoon snacks: 15 carrots (75) and 1 large apple (100). Bottle of water.

Driving home snack: 1 oz mixed nuts (170). Bottle of water.

Supper: 1 cup basmati rice (210) and stir-fry made of chicken breast, bell peppers, and onions, - my best guess based on a cup of chicken, a cup of onions, a cup of peppers, and a tsp of olive oil, is (376),
and of course a bottle of water.

Total for the day: 1975, which is 99 calories over my target, which ain't bad for a very hungry, way too busy, extremely distracted day.

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