Friday, March 13, 2009

lunch and thoughts on less being...not less

Coffee w/sugar (135).

Mid morning 10 baby carrots (50).

Diet soda to hold me till noonish for lunch, which was:

Salad w/raspberry vinaigrette dressing (162), small baked potato (130), hard boiled egg (77). Salt and pepper in there too.

Total so far today: 899.

Surprising ongoing discovery: less breakfast does not make me more hungry, I think. In the first week of this thing, I cut my breakfast almost in half and it was fine; later I cut my milk at breakfast in half and it was fine; now I cut my peanut butter in half at breakfast and it seems to be fine. Quite confounding, to discover that filling the tank fuller does not necessarily make me run further. Apparently I don't yet know Everything There Is To Know about dieting.

Shocker, eh?

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