Wednesday, March 25, 2009

feeling less condemned this morning, and the rule of changing up

Okay last night at another midnight-ish bedtime, I felt pretty bad when I ran my total and it was so much higher than my weight loss number for calories.

But this morning I realize that I still was 40ish calories under maintenance. I am choosing to decide a maintenance day is nothing to feel horrible about. This is a life change, not a speed diet, and some days maintaining has to be good enough.

On a slightly related note, I was talking to my mom last night and she mentioned that the newest research (oh yeah, we do love the newest research in our family!) shows that keeping one's body on the exact same routine every day is a surefire way to re-set it. For instance, if I eat exactly 1500 calories every day, my body decides that's what we will live on, and it stops losing. If I do the same workout every day, ditto. I've called our bodies miraculously made more than once, and this is a great example of that! If I lived in a situation where I couldn't get more food, my body would basically decide to survive at that level (within reason - people do indeed starve to death in this world, but not under the conditions I am living!)

So the theme of the above paragraph is: change up, if you want to keep losing! I appreciate that word.

Also: I realized yesterday that my calorie markers will change as I lose weight (duh), so I can't put off the scale indefinitely. I mentioned this to a fellow diet sufferer, who dutifully offered a scale (doh!) and I did try it out. Clearly it weighs differently than my doctor's office, OR I got the wrong number in my head the last time I was in to see the doc. My friend's scale had me heavier than when I started, and that just doesn't seem possible to me since I have clothes fitting so much better. I'm thinking I'll call my doc's office and just ask if I can stop by and weigh...seems like that should be okay to support my overall health, right?

(No, I don't want to buy a scale!)

Breakfast: Cereal is working swimmingly (proof that my body changes) so I'm having it again. 1.5 cups (260) with .75 cup skim milk (68).

Happy hump day, all.

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