Wednesday, April 1, 2009

almost made it and then gave into temptation

Okay yesterday post-breakfast recap:

coffee w/sugar 135

can of soup 220
10 saltines 120

apple 100

2 hard boiled eggs 154 (probably too high since they were home grown eggs and therefore Very Very Small, but we'll go with it)

1 fried chicken breast 218
1.5 pieces panera bread 225
1/3 cup gravy from a mix 50
1/2 cup green beans with bacon 60
10 oz lemonade 120

1/2 cup apple crisp 320 (ouch!)
1/2 cup cool whip 128

Total calories for the day: 2260.

Alas, if I had just resisted that apple crisp....

...but in truth, I didn't feel like resisting.

So it was a maintenance day and not a loss day. Note to self: if they are ALL maintenance days, one does not lose weight.


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