Thursday, April 23, 2009

still derailed, fasting soon, and just in case/in time

Yup, I am currently still derailed...I do great throughout the day,and then I blow it pretty much every night.

This Friday night and Saturday, I am participating in a "30 hour famine" with my youth groups. At this point, I am approaching this in my usual way (which, I presume, is not good, just based on results to date): my fast will be a "restart" and I'll try again after that.

In the meanwhile, I read an article on the difference between "just in time" thinking and "just in case" thinking...the gist of it (when applied to weight loss) is lots of us overweight people get here at least in part because we eat extra "just in case" we might get hungry later if we don't. People with appropriate weight are more likely to know that there will be something else good to eat "just in time"...which works where I live (this article was not considering places where people are starving to death).

Pondering that and asking God to help me re-shift my thinking.

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