Wednesday, April 8, 2009

trudge, trudge, trudge

Gosh. I am really not doing this well.

Hurrying off to work but here's a rough estimate of my yesterday:

coffee/sugar 135

can of soup 160
10 saltines 120
banana 100
bottle of water

oz of nuts 170
apple 100
bottle of water

1.5 cups chili mac w/cheese in it (no earthly idea)
1/2 cup applesauce
piece of cherry pie (it just looked soooooooo good)
10 oz lemonade

bowl of cereal 160
1/2 cup skim milk 45

I don't know my supper totals but I can look at that day and know it wasn't a weight loss day.

I am noticing that I miss items when I wait till the next day to do the whole blog. Heaven only knows what I forgot on this entry but I keep noticing the next day or something that I forgot an item. I need to get back to real-time tracking.

Tonight is the Seder Supper at my daughter's church, so I wonder how well I'll be able to track.

Here's to reaching for getting it right.

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