Thursday, April 9, 2009

made it through chocolate temptation

coffee w/sugar 135

can of soup 140
8 saltines 96
banana 100
bottle of water

My coworkers were sorting Easter baskets for a long time today; I got chocolate on my brain and it was NOT PRETTY. Ate half my little bucket of carrots (probably 200 calories' worth) and had a bottle of water w/sugar free lemonade mix in it. A coworker pointed out this "doesn't satisfy" her and I can't argue. But I wasn't going for "satisfied" - I was going for survival.

nuts on the way home 1 oz 170
and bottle of water

supper tacos
3 flour shells 330
1/4 can refried beans 140
leftover mexican rice 75
black olives 40
tomatoes 25
lettuce 5
tabasco sauce negligible

1 cup skim milk 90

Total for the day 1821

Guess I'll skip that apple crisp that's calling my name on the kitchen table!

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