Saturday, April 4, 2009

breakfast in bed and other stuff that's not that interesting either

Saturdays are my decompress time. That surely sounds very lazy to some, but Monday through Friday I hustle most of the time that I am awake, with after-work commitments that mean I'm not a come home and veg in front of the TV person. I get almost zero time for reflection through the week, and I am definitely built for reflection. Saturday is reflection day.

I sleep in, though generally I wake up at 5 to listen to a great hour of radio programming and then go back to slumber land. I stay in bed with my laptop, reading and on really good weeks also writing.

So it's 11:10 a.m. and I am still in bed, though I have worked out tomorrow's Sunday school lesson and tinkered with some City Hall stuff I absolutely have to get done this weekend. I've also read a ton of things that interested me, just because I wanted to. Sadly, this is the first writing I have done for the day.

And in the midst of it I had a great big bowl of frosted mini wheats (260) and skim milk (90) while surrounded in pillows and covers. There is good food in the house because I hit Sam's Club on the way home from work last night...$229 later, the choices are nicer than they were this time yesterday!

Soon I need to get up and get to the meat market, and then I have a birthday party to attend for 2 of my nieces. Tonight I'll work on that City Hall stuff in front of old episodes of Smallville (we borrow seasons of it from a friend and I always watch that while doing paperwork stuff...and OY there is a lot of paperwork stuff in my life).

Stopping now to blog this in an attempt to do the day intentionally, and not make lousy food choices just from not paying attention.

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