Thursday, April 30, 2009

yesterday: under the world instead of on top of it

Okay: yesterday was a bomb. I ate a great breakfast and lunch and was Very Good until I left work.


I got several bits of incredibly hard news yesterday, any one of which would have sent me to my knees and crying...and they stacked high by the time I got off work. So I walked out the door, drove straight to McDonalds, dug the change out of my car console to purchase a hot fudge sundae with nuts, and then had a good cry in the car.

Some of my hard news was also my daughter's hard news, and so we both were in a funk. So yeah....we got taco pizza and zoned out in front of Nancy Drew, despite having stuff we needed to do and better eating plans we should have stuck to. I ate a lot of taco pizza.

So. Yesterday is behind me, and I'm not counting its calories...just noting that I tanked.

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