Tuesday, April 7, 2009

yesterday: busy but successful

Well I had a meeting last night right after work that kept me out till past my bedtime. And then this morning I went and voted, which has taken away from my blogging time too! Darn it. I wonder if I can reconstruct yesterday...

coffee/sugar 135

can of soup 140
10 saltines 120
banana 100
bottle of water

oz of nuts 170

mcdonalds chicken caesar salad w/balsamic dressing 220
diet soda
bottle of water

3 tacos
shells 330
beans 140
cheese 80
leftover mexican rice 75
salsa 25
olives 40

grapes 30

Calories for the day: 1880! Hey, that's spot on....on a day with no break in it. How cool is that?

The only down side is the tacos and grapes were at 11 pm...not a good time to be eating.

Oh well.

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