Wednesday, April 8, 2009

link for good article and totals for the day so far

Great article here on body image and faith.

Okay so the problem is it's great to WANT to track as I go, but my workdays are consistently too hectic to do so just now (I only take the 5 minutes to blog if it's actually not going to short change my employer).

Let's see if I can reconstruct, before I head out to the Seder Supper.

shredded wheat 200
skim milk 75

coffee w/sugar 135

can of soup 140
10 saltines 120
banana 100
bottle of water

apple 100

hard boiled egg w/salt n pepper 77

bowl of cereal 160
skim milk 45


I have consumed 1152 calories today. If I will be reasonable tonight, my total for the day should be quite acceptable.

Here's to being reasonable.

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