Tuesday, April 28, 2009

failure, though not on epic proportions

So my total after lunch was a little under 1200 (yes, I am so lazy I'm not going back to add it again). I stayed tired and icky all day, despite taking Aleve twice (I never take it more than once a day in general).

Tuesday nights are always a downfall for me cuz I love the food at youth church. When I got there this afternoon, I was in a mood about some stuff and then there were chocolate chip cookies on the counter. They were not great but they were cookies. I ate wayyyy to many of them, thinking to myself, "I am angry, I am tired, I feel crappy, I want a cookie," until I noticed that my friend the pastor had left out baby carrots for me.


So I ate carrots too. But I am pretty sure there is no amount of carrot-eating that can make up for cookie-eating.

Having blown it, I then feasted freely on supper, which I will not even try to count calories for.

The good news: I resisted brownies with ice cream for dessert.

Tomorrow is a new day. For tonight, I am in bed, safely away from further temptation.

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