Saturday, April 11, 2009

2 pm saturday summary

Okay so I think I did okay last night. Daughter and I went out for supper and split Sicilian bread and mozzarella sticks. Good stuff!

Wandered out of my bedroom at nearly 11 this morning, having slept in a bit (was up till 2 a.m.) and then spent time reading, praying, worshiping all in bed with my laptop.

Breakfast was an omelet/skillet thing. It was most excellent. Daughter and I agree that omelet is an art, not a science. Mine included:

3 eggs (homegrown, even) 231
1/2 potato 80
green olives 25
black olives 50
onion 10
tomato 10
mushrooms 5
bell pepper 5
banana pepper 5
1/4 oz assorted shredded cheese (mozzarella, asiago, and quesadilla) 45
margarine and olive oil 120

Also had some black grapes 15

and hot cocoa 150

Total so far today: 751. This day should be do-able.

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