Tuesday, April 28, 2009

yesterday summary

I came home last night, rested for about half an hour while talking with my daughter, and then retreated to my bedroom for a little over six more hours working on the computer (almost done being City Clerk and I'll be FREE FREE FREE from these marathon interludes with the City laptop YAY!) Though it was work, being shut away alone in a quiet room with my radio playing great teachers was still relaxing, and I felt substantially less horrible by 11:15 pm when I finally quit.
supper: chili (287) dog (130) on bun (110) with cheese (40) and a glass of lemonade (200)

bedtime snack of cottage cheese (200)

Total for the day: 1927

That's about 50 calories over goal, which is not bad for first day back to this and me feeling like death warmed over twice.

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