Monday, April 27, 2009

hanging in there

Had my usual coffee with sugar when I got to work - needed the caffeine desperately. (135)

I was SO HUNGRY this morning...not unusual for a Monday. Being "off routine" for any amount of time sends me into hungry land. I didn't realize how hungry I was until almost 10:30 so I just waited and had lunch at 11.

1/2 a huge baked potato w/salt & pepper (140)
1 cup broccoli steamed (25) w/parmesan sprinkled (10)
1 apple (100)
bottle of water

Calories so far today: 790

My stomach hurts. Not in a hungry way. It just hurts. I don't usually have trouble processing fresh foods. Hmm.

I also have a bad case of Monday tired and scatter brained. Long, busy week ahead. I need to focus on just doing "now" and letting "later" take care of itself.

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