Monday, September 5, 2011

slipping, but noticing

I am definitely floundering a bit, when it comes to bringing my new, better lifestyle (where activity and diet are concerned) back with me to this life away from the place where it was easily executed.  

Eating off the steam table and salad bar made portion control a breeze.  Eating out and/or in my own kitchen somehow lulls me into doing what I don't intend to do.  I know for sure I'm not eating as well now as I was in Chicago.  Not enough veggies, too many carbs, portions bigger than I was doing before.  I'm writing this down to prod myself into awareness WHILE I am eating...noticing it after the fact isn't going to keep me on track.  While I must not be piling on too many pounds (my jeans still fit), I know for sure I cannot keep doing "little slips," if I'm going to sincerely continue to pursue loving my body.  Some of that will definitely be easier to improve after next Friday, once I have my first paycheck in hand and can go on a veggie buying spree. 

And then there's exercise.  Yes, I am now running 30 uninterrupted minutes at least 3 times per week and that is pretty darn cool.  BUT.  In Chicago, I was doing my morning run PLUS much more.  Many trips up the stairs to the 6th floor.  Many long bike rides (which I can correct as soon as I get Lulu back from the big city...I should be out today in this perfect weather, glorying in riding her...)  A daily walk to work and back - it was short, but still, it was twice a day of 5 or 10 minutes really moving.  Regular walks to enjoy the Lake and/or chat with a great friend. Walking, rather than driving, to get places I wanted to go.

I've been for a couple of walks here in Rock Island, and I take the stairs at work.  But "the stairs" are one story only, and not very often at that.  The walks...there have only been 2 or 3 in over 2 weeks' time.  

This ain't gonna work, if I want to continue loving my body enough to condition it.  

I have a fall program from the local fitness club to which I belonged when I lived here before.  As soon as I have a paycheck, I'll be doing some Zumba classes there, and I've got some other classes in mind as well.  That's part of it.  

The other part of it is being intentional.  It's too easy, after working 8 AM to 5 PM, to come home and either putter around the house or go out and see friends...but totally skip very necessary movement.  

Here's to returning to intentionality, before its too late.

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