Monday, September 19, 2011

on the road again

I forgot, over the weekend, to look in the tiny running book to see what my next set of intervals look like.  So I stuck with last week's intervals...4 minutes of slower jogging, 2 minutes of going faster, done in rounds until I have completed 30 minutes.  I'm still counting seconds in my head and minutes on my fingers, so it's still pretty imprecise.  But I check my cell phone to see when I'm at the half-point, time wise, so that I can turn around and today I was substantially further down the road at the half point than I have been up 'til now.  So that was fun!  

Taking a minute now to check to book so that I'll know for Wednesday's will now be 3 minutes of slower jog, 3 minutes of faster run, in rounds.  So that should be FIVE rounds if I count something close to correctly.  Five rounds, just like it has been with the 4/2.  Okay.  That's simple enough.

I also feel a little bit less like the mighty stomping elephant.  I steps are still pretty heavy and even on my faster parts, I am pretty slow compared to a lot of people...but I'm noting improvement both in lightness of step and in speed.  And that rocks.

Yesterday I had hoped for a very, very long bike ride...but then it rained all day.  So I rested all day.  This morning, I woke up better rested than I have been in awhile.  So I think that came out okay!

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