Wednesday, September 14, 2011

a new challenge is born, and a new uhh "inner" focus

First:  a friend noted that she tried to comment me and it didn't show up.  Not sure what happened there.  I finally figured out how to go in and look at my comments all in one place; I see a ton of them (many several months old) that I never saw the first time around, but I don't see anything from the friend who asked me the question.  L...maybe the internet just had its way with your comment?  I dunno.  I welcome you re-posting (I have no idea what it was)! 

On to other things.  Yesterday's movement activity was riding Lulu!  I tried something very different for me here:  I didn't put her on the bike rack and drive to the path.  I just got on and rode.  Down 12th street, right on 31st out to Sunset Marina, along the bike path to Schwiebert Park, through downtown and up the 17th street hill, through the 5-point and back down my big hill to get home.  It was a fairly short ride - only 7.5 miles.  I'm easing back into this biking thing, because on my ride with my son along Lake Michigan on the day we got my bike, I definitely noticed that a month off the bike had significantly reduced my stamina.  

Having said that, it WAS a challenging ride because of that 17th street hill.  It's a doozy!  I rode as far as I could up it (which was not very far) and then got off and pushed it until I was almost to the intersection at the top, my heart pounding and my lungs afire (and then, I got on and rode through the 5 point, amidst the cars, riding correctly and not terrified...hey, I'm getting brave!)  Hence was born my new resolution:  I shall defeat that hill.  My son (who is 21, a soldier, and much, much more fit than me) said it took him a month to defeat HIS Rock Island hill when he lived here.  So I'm thinking 3 months maybe.  So I might run out of bicycling weather before I get it done this season...but if so, I'll start anew in spring.  I SHALL WIN over this hill!!!

In other news, thus far my body is not having any harsh reaction to my nightly bit of Kambucha.  Admittedly, I am starting with very small doses...about 1/3 of a cup before bedtime.  I'll increase it along the way, but I hear that as it works its magic in the digestive system, I might see uhh "evidence" of that...I'd rather it not be too uncomfortable.  Moderation, baby.  And this morning I shall make my first-ever fruit and Kefir smoothie and take it with me to drink in my first hour of work.  Woo hoo...first I was taking care of my outsides better, and now I'm starting to work on my insides.  

I think this means I'm getting the hang of loving my body, eh? 

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  1. I drank whole bottles of it and didn't notice any magic. But then again, I don't do anything in moderation. Also, I have a very special present for you tonight :)