Tuesday, September 13, 2011

...it's the most important meal of the day...

Oops. I forgot to make the font bigger, last post.  Sorry, to all you out there who are living life without strong enough glasses!  This is what happens when I write at a time of morning when I can barely function.

Speaking of moments that Karen is a little slow on the uptake:  multi-tasking.  When I got all those groovy groceries at Greatest Grains (say THAT 4 times fast...groovygroceriesatGreatestGrains groovygroceriesatGreatestGrains groovygroceriesGreatestGrains groovygroceriesatGreatestGrains but I digress...)  anyway I thought I was buying the regular, flourless Ezekiel bread.  But when I was having some yesterday morning, I noticed this is the "Genesis 1:29" version, which is NOT flourless after all, though it is chok full o' goodness.  I'm not stressing about it much.  Before I discovered that, I had already resolved to cut the breakfast peanut butter toast down to half a slice, so that I can reintegrate my awesome bowl o' oatmeal full of goodies (which a friend joked "looks like an industrial accident") that I so enjoyed at JPUSA.  It currently contains, in addition to a tiny little blob of oatmeal:  raisins, dried cherries, walnuts, brown sugar, granola, and coconut milk.

So that's been my breakfast today, along with my supplements, and I'm feeling like the day is well begun.  

What's your favorite healthy breakfast?

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