Tuesday, August 30, 2011

beating the weather and smiling

A lot of mornings, one of the first things I do (even before coming out from under the covers) is log onto my cell phone internet to see what the weather is doing outside.  Truth:  I am doing that to give myself an excuse not to get up and out, if there is "weather" out there.  

But this morning I didn't bother with that.  I was more well-rested than I have been since way before my recent move, and felt ready to get out there.  So I was already up the hill and jogging before I saw that there were no stars at all - must be pretty overcast.

The sun rises outside my giant window while I eat my breakfast and read my devotionals; the sky looks pretty overcast to me.  I am so glad I didn't check the weather and decide not to go out.  Apparently I really like this jogging thing.  

Will wonders never cease.

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