Saturday, September 17, 2011

future kombucha maker and glory hallelujah, my abs hurt like hell

More on kombucha.  A friend noted yesterday that she drank whole bottles of it (I've only seen it in the 16 oz size) and she felt no effect; I drink about 4 oz a day and have also experienced nothing negative.  But some other friends and my son have experienced some uhhh rather pronounced abdominal distress when they drink it.  I don't know why responses are so different, except for the same reason some of us (ME) can feast on fiery hot entrees with no consequences and others wanna scream in the bathroom afterward.

Anyway my JPUSA family was so eloquent in praise of this drink and had so many real-life testimonies of its magic that I am glad to be finally having a bit daily.  But the stuff is $4 a bottle.  While I can now afford that,  I don't deem it to be responsible financial stewardship, if a cheaper (safe) alternative is reasonably possible.  So I had told my son yesterday that I was going to get more information at the end of the month when I'm in Chicago again...and then last night in my usual impatient mode, I did some research.  I found this blog called food renegade with all manner of nifty information, including how to make kombucha.  I wouldn't even have to order the expensive "starter kit" I found online for $29 to get going; the website even tells how to grow my own "mother mushroom" to get it all going (not gonna lie, I love how naughty it sounds that I am growing my own mushroom LOL).  And I can do it for $1.50 a gallon and 10 minutes of my time.  And it tells how I can make the stuff in fruit flavor, which is the only way I have tried it thus far. paycheck I'll be picking up a couple of gallon-size jars and trying this thing out.  Pretty excited about that. 

In other news, about 24 hours after my kickboxing class, my muscles started really talking.  I can feel in my shoulders and arms and neck but especially in my abs that I worked hard.  I'm a walking "ouch" right now and I couldn't be happier.  While I've been dropping weight slowly all this time, one of the unintended results has been (warning:  this might be a TMI moment) that many of the parts of me that are ummm less *full* are now more floppy/jiggly/icky in some ways.  So I've known I need to get serious about some toning work to fight that, and it's been WAYYYY too long since I've done those planks and wall squats and other devices of torture I so enjoyed in the JPUSA exercise class.  Seems like I'm back on my way, toning-wise.  I first thought that was more a vanity thing and not so much a loving my body thing, but in truth, every bit of my abdominal weight that my back has to carry because my abs are useless...that's a source of pain or discomfort.  So, beyond the pride of "how it looks," toning IS loving my body.  

Headed out for some fun with a friend.  Learning to ride Lulu with her seat the right height later today.  Wanna lay money on whether or not I fall? 

You'll hear all about it later.

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