Friday, September 16, 2011

brimming with good news

Oooh golly so much to share this morning!  Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up!

First of all:  kickboxing.  OmiGOSH!  What a fun class!  I was right, I am the heaviest by far and if not the oldest, then one of the oldest.  And the clumsiest.  But oh well...the people were great, which made it even okay that I was working out with MEN in the room.  

I was a little uhhh overwhelmed when the first thing the teacher did was bring in a big basket of black ace bandages and we all wrapped our hands and wrists before we started.  I asked why we were doing was so we wouldn't mess our hands up.  Uhhh..we're going to actually hit something?  Cuz I totally thought we'd just be hitting the air.... But the hitting was only a very short segment, and all we were hitting were pads held up by another class member. 

So we did all this cool punching and kicking stuff, orchestrated steps to music with a strong beat, and I was horribly slow and clumsy getting it, and some parts of it I never got at all.  But was so cool, I wanted to do it more.  LOL 

And here's the shocking-to-me part:  we got out those great big exercise balls and did situps and pushups and stuff on them...and I DID IT...and didn't make an ass of myself at all!  I am not making this up!  I can't wait to do it again next week.

Then I took Lulu for some fixing.  I thought all she needed was a bolt fixed that adjusts her height.  The guy who looked her over is the guy who originally assembled her for Target.  I quickly learned that the derailleur was badly bent and that pretty much every single nut and bolt on her needed tightened, adjusted, or replaced.  He fussed with her for about an hour and she makes soooo much less noise now when she moves.  Before, runners knew I was coming long before I got to them, from the rattling and banging...I'm thinking I might could sneak up on 'em now....LOL  And his price for all that work was ridiculously cheap.  And he put her seat up at the right height for me, which is quite a bit higher than I have ever ridden, ever in my life.  The proper adjustment for a bike seat, if you didn't know (as I didn't), is when you are sitting on the seat and you push one pedal all the way straight down, your leg should be straight so that your knee can lock.  I promise you, I have never sat that high!  He told me several times to be careful as I adjust to the new height (and I will...I'll load her up on the car and get to the bike path before I get on), but he also said I will notice a marked improvement in my performance and stamina on her with this proper setting.  Can't wait to test him on that!

And one last happy note:  this morning when I ran, for the first time ever the 2-minute faster segments didn't make me want to puke.  At the beginning of the week, I really thought I was gonna lose it, and it took me 2 full minutes of the slower jog to catch my breath enough that I wasn't gasping after the 2 minute faster parts.  Today I caught my breath in less than 30 seconds after the faster part.  Which means, despite my lazy thought that I'd probably repeat this pattern next week...I probably should advance to the next stage. 

All that to say...I'm feeling pretty darn good about this business of letting God teach me to love my body. 

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