Wednesday, September 7, 2011

little faster now

I'm accidentally coasting a bit, where my running is concerned.

Here's the deal:  I finally got up to running (jogging slowly) 30 uninterrupted.  What an achievement, for someone who's been this overweight and this opposed to running for 25+ years.  So it was okay to just do that - jog slowly for 30 minutes 3 times a week - for a week or maybe 2.  But now I am on week 3 of that regimen, and I'm past due to pick up the pace.

Monday night I looked in my tiny running book to see what the regimen is for speeding up a bit this week (no, I did not get up and run on the holiday morning and no, I am not sorry about that).  I closed the book and promptly forgot, not realizing I had done so until Tuesday morning when I was walking out the door.  And I DO NOT stop for anything when I'm headed out for my run...I dare not, or I will probably end up back in bed.  So I just did the 30 minutes.

This morning as I was walking out, I realized again that I hadn't gone back to the book to see what's next.  So again, I just did my 30 minutes (and they were sluggish minutes, at that).  Still, I did 'em.

So just now I looked in the tiny book and I'm writing it down so I can do it for the next run (and probably for next week as well):  I will jog at my usual, very slow pace for 4 minutes, then faster for 2 minutes, and repeat this cycle for the entire 30 minutes (should be 5 rounds, methinks).  

Meanwhile, last night I picked some classes at the local fitness place to help with my lack of "other" exercise.  One night a week of zumba and one night a week of kickboxing, both right after work, both leaving time for a life afterward.  That should be fun.  Also, there is a local bike ride once a week around the Quad Cities, called the Rafiki Ride.  I'm thinking I'm going to skip Bible study one night a month to join it (been dying to ride that for awhile now). 

Feeling like I'm headed back on track, where loving this body is concerned.

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