Friday, February 24, 2012

snow, slush, wet feet, and joy

When I tried to check the weather this morning on my iphone while dressing, it didn't work.  I tried it 3 times, and it just kept failing.  Finally I got all old-school and opened the blinds (which won't tell temperatures, but a person can at least get an idea what's going on out there) see...SNOW!  I was 5 years old all over again, so excited to get out in it that I could hardly stay in the apartment long enough to get all my proper layers on. 

I suspected that it was probably warm out there, based on how pretty and un-windy it looked, and I was right.  Which meant I spent most of the run carrying my face warmer, which was too much to wear within mere moments of exiting the building.  I didn't climb the usual very steep part of the hill that takes me to the road - instead, I went over to the gentler slope where I come down.  Here's a nice picture of it that I took AFTER my can see both my up and down tracks: 

The fun of running with this much fresh snow, this early in the morning, is that it hasn't really been cleared much from the streets.  So the very steep hill street up which I walk when I come off this snowy bank was a river, filled with the sounds of the rushing water that invaded my mesh running shoes and had my feet soggy before it was even time to start the jog.  Up on the flat, nothing was running...except me...through standing water.  Yup, the whole street was a puddle.  The higher center was a tad shallower, but there was no "not running in water" option.  I'll tell you, that makes it a bit more vigorous workout!  

The cars were pretty patient with me over on the main road.  Running along the side was kind of not an option in a lot of spots, as the water would have been up over the tops of my shoes.  So I ran in the car lanes mostly, getting over just a tiny smidge as I met traffic, and they were kind enough not to run over me (as a friend who makes me laugh would say, thank you, sweet little baby Jesus!)  Being up out of the worst of the water, I was able (by pushing myself hard) to not lose time to the drag the puddles created, and I finished exactly on time.  Feeling pretty good about that.

So it's February 24 and this is the first day that I've had any kind of real issue about running in mesh shoes.  And it wasn't enough of an issue to keep me from doing it again, though I WILL probably poke around a little harder to see about something that might keep me dryer for spring, when I am sure puddles will just be a part of my mornings.  The good news is that though my toes got pretty durn cold, it wasn't anything past the point of what I could handle.

In other news, the missing part I had ordered for my juicer came yesterday!  Tonight I shall shop for veggies and fruits.  You may expect picture blogs this weekend.

Happy Friday, all!

Oh, wait, I wanted to share this gorgeous shot from my living room window this morning:

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