Wednesday, February 29, 2012

a pathetic dressy bessy asks...juice, please!

One way I know that my schedule - and accordingly, my brain - is getting overloaded is when I have more than the usual ratio of days I unexpectedly discover midday that my underwear are inside out (it's a measure of my level of not functioning at 7 AM when dressing).  This week that's been more than not, AND I found at the end of yesterday that I had worn the inner part of my sweater set backward all day long.  So basically I'm rocking the Entirely Too Much just now.  
Seems like a good reason to get back to juicing...aggressive nutrition is especially important in times of stress, eh?  This is another very colorful recipe!  I promise, I shall not be PERMANENTLY stuck on publishing photos of juice-making, but it's all so new and interesting to me....

This recipe is called "Pineapple Cleansing Juice."

Start with:  1/4 pineapple, 2 carrots, 1 apple, 1/4 cup parsley, 1/4" ginger root, and it said 1/2 beet root, but it was little so I did a whole one.
Gorgeous carrot juice
The beet juice starts to pour out...

And LOOK how DARK the beet juice gets!
I did the parsley next; it seemed not to really process.  Then the ginger and the apple; almost no discernable difference.  Finally I tossed in the pineapple, and slowly... started gaining on the redness of the beet juice.

Final product!
This juice is DELICIOUS.  So sweet I could hardly believe it didn't have sugar in it.  The ginger gave it a nice kick.  Really, really yummy.  

Now, we'll see exactly what the "cleansing" effect is.  Hope I'm not about to spend all night in the bathroom...

I know, per usual....TMI. 

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