Thursday, February 9, 2012

final food report for the day (not that you asked for it)

Not that you asked to see everything I ate today, but I'm guessing some might wonder if I came home and ate a large pepperoni pizza with a side of fried lard after that green smoothie lunch. 

I'm happy to report that I really didn't have hunger pangs in the afternoon (something I regularly wrestle with).  Came home tonight and had this for supper:

Chopped veggie salad (1/2 a cucumber, handful of grape tomatoes, 1/2 a red bell pepper, handful of mixed black and green olives, sprinkling of feta and parmesan and sliced almonds and cracked pepper, light drizzling of olive oil and rasperry blush vinegar), a baked sweet potato with a generous dollop of greek yogurt (great sour cream substitute), tall glass of water and 1/2 a bottle of blackberry lemonade.  

I also ate a 1 oz packet of peanuts this morning between breakfast and lunch.

Truth: right now I am STUFFED.  And content with eating like this.  

Off to my internet class!

1 comment:

  1. Karen,
    I'm loving the food blogs. I actually would love to try this salad. I love fresh salads. I'm feeling convicted about my food choices. But way to go!!!