Saturday, February 25, 2012

done didn't lap so gosh durn much, grocery superstar, and battling A.D.D.

I never knew I could be happy about getting poked in the gut.

Yesterday at work, I was in our "Country Store" taking care of some business, and one of the residents came quietly up beside me.  I didn't even realize she was there until she poked me right in the gut and noted in a celebrating-with-you voice that I have been losing some weight...and then all the other ladies in the store chimed in as well.  Why yes I have, and thanks for noticing!  

That was a nice follow up from the morning, when as I dressed in an outfit I've always worn untucked, due to the "dunlap" problem ("done lapped right over that there belt") that's been especially pronounced with those particular pants...I found I can finally tuck my shirt in!  WOO HOO!  I mean, my belts have been telling me for a couple of weeks that there is less belly on me, but having notably less dunlap - THAT is reason for celebration indeed. 

Last night I got groceries.  Buying groceries gets downright FUN at this point in my journey:
  • I know why each item I buy is good for my body.
  • Everything is so pretty - processed food is kind of "eh," but that stuff God made...dude, most of it is like art (and I had a cart full of food, but the processed part of that fit in one small bag - the rest of it was fabulous).
  • I can be excited about what I'm going to prepare, knowing it's not going to make me fatter, it's going to taste great, and I'm not going to fall into a food coma after pigging out on it.
  • Cooking/eating like I currently do calls out the creativity in me.  I should've blogged some of my lunches this week - just ideas I had to work with a mostly-bare fridge/cupboard and still come out healthy - it was all fantastic.
Now I'm all ready to juice.  To start, I will be working from a very simple 25-recipe book I got for free at this link, which appears to have a wealth of information of the sort I've lately been focused on.  Truth:  while the "I'm really learning to love my body" part of me is super excited about juicing, the old "whiner baby who wants to stay stuck in whiner baby mode" part of me is asserting that it probably won't taste good and we are nuts to try this.  Hush, whiner baby.  Hasn't this adventure been a great ride up 'til now? 

Quick note re: is a link to an interesting article, my favorite part of which is the business of being safer on a bike than on the couch.  

In other, non-nutrition, non-exercise news, I had an epiphany I didn't like this week.  I've been noticing ever since I moved back from Chicago that my adult-onset A.D.D. has been a lot more pronounced at work than it was before I moved away. It has been getting worse by this measurement that matters a lot to me:  finding errors I made and missed that I always would have caught and fixed in plenty of time, in the past.  I hate that measurement.  So this week after a meeting that contained 3 really stupid errors on a 1-page document I had made, I got desperate enough to push into the question of a solution.  I'm looking at things from a physical aspect, mental, spiritual, the whole shebang, and I'm not done looking yet.  

But the single first detail of my approach has already yielded huge results, dang it.  I've mentioned either here or over on the other blog that between highly focused tasks, I give myself 1-5 minute breaks to "reset," which really helps with the A.D.D. thing and also is an effective incentive program for me when I'm doing a task I don't love (as in, "no break 'til you finish this one, Karen.")  On those breaks I generally read a personal email or a quick news story or a bit of Facebook.  All I changed was:  I kicked out Facebook as a possibility.  My FB feed is always LOADED with links to really rich info (I'm not there for the games or the drama BS...I've got those apps/people mostly hidden on my feed) and I'm a junkie for it.  It seems that my brain latches too hard onto the FB feed, and that's been dragging my performance at work down to the tune of stupid editing errors and missed details and even the occasional forgotten task.  I cut out FB on Thursday, after being particularly appalled in a Wednesday meeting at myself.  I am both pleased and horrified at what a difference it has made, these past 2 days.  No more FB at work...not even in the little tiny increments I was indulging.  (And if you saw pics go up during my work time those 2 days, yes they did...those were shot and sent from my iphone, with no need to *go to* FB to do so.)     

Expect more entries today.  There be juicin' ahead!

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