Friday, February 17, 2012

bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy fun fun fun fun fun!

I had to move all my belts in a notch this week.  That's an exciting development - it had been quite awhile since any "downsizing" had occurred!  I'm supposing the vegan thing probably pushed my body back into losing mode, though it's just a theory.

Checking the weather on my phone today after work, I discovered it was 52 degrees outside!  Oh golly. I hustled home to change clothes and grab Lulu.  It still gets dark pretty early, but I was able to squeeze in a very short, very slow ride down a long brick street (only about 4 miles and 30 minutes).  Yippee for unseasonably warm.  

But the biggest hooray I have for the day is this:  as I left for lunch, I realized I was *bouncing* up the steps.  As in, not plodding up, one heavy step after another.  As in, not pulling myself up by the handrail.  As in, getting a little air with each step up.  

It shocked me.  I can remember bouncing up the steps in my high school as a teen.  I can't remember bouncing up any stairs, EVER, since then.  This was as great as that day last May when I first stood on Lulu's pedals.  It tickled me so much that I had to try it again, on purpose this time, later in the afternoon.  Bounce, bounce, bounce.  All the way up 2 flights of stairs! 

So...I've been meaning to start doing some stairs maybe on my non-running days.  Maybe now with a lighter step is the perfect time to try it?  

We'll see.  

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