Wednesday, February 8, 2012

karen's mini cooking show

Made my first vegan recipe from the plant based nutrition book tonight for supper.  I'm here to share the process!  Dish is called "Versatile Bean Saute" and the version you are seeing here includes some boosts (bell pepper and spinach) suggested in the notes to "vegify" it.  Here we go...

 First, chop one small red onion and saute it in a couple tablespoons of vegetable broth (I bought a box of that broth in the health food section right next to the chicken and beef broths). Saute for 5ish minutes, until onions are clear.
 Add 1 can chickpeas (garbanzo beans), rinsed and drained,as well as 1 tsp ground cumin (the greeny-brownish spice here) and 1 tsp turmeric (the pretty yellow spice).
 Add 1 medium chopped tomato (I actually just quartered a handful of grape tomatoes, since that's what I currently have on hand) and I tossed in half a huge red bell pepper, chopped, too. 
 Toss in a big handful of chopped fresh spinach.  Stir and cook over medium heat for 5ish minutes, until heated through.
Top with freshly cracked pepper and serve.  This recipe made enough for a massive, guilt-free plate for supper, and a nice bowl of leftovers that will be nice for part of lunch another day.

It was DELISH.  Awesome variety of flavors, textures, colors.  Beautiful to behold and each bite tasted a little different than the one before.  The chickpeas gave it a hearty, satisfying feel.  

Easy to make - even with all the chopping and such, it was less than 20 minutes start to finish.  And it kind of makes the "vegan food is expensive" line seem not true, since I got all this amazing food, 2 meals' worth, for less than $4. 

Though I'm still not generally interested in being a full-time vegan, I'd color this food-improvement adventure happily begun. 

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