Saturday, February 25, 2012

juicy juicy

Well I've been swept up all afternoon with packing, which of course has had to start with sorting.  I do love the feeling that I get from my stuff being all in order! 

I ate massive salad and baby carrots and kiwi for lunch, not wanting to start such a big project running on juice only (remember, I start this with some apprehension).  But when I stopped for an afternoon snack, I did my first juicing.  This one is called "Blue Green Lemonade" - yes, I wanted to start with something that sounded friendly, you know? 

Here's how it went:

 Ingredients:  3 kale leaves, 1 cucumber, 2 pears, 1/2 cup blueberries, 1 lemon.  Everything was fresh except the blueberries - they're so danged expensive that I only buy them frozen (so as not to lose any to over-ripeness.) so I sat the cup of them in a bowl of hot water to thaw while I got everything else washed, cut the pears in half, and peeled the lemon.
 Interesting, the way the juice didn't want to mix.  I wish I'd have shot a pic of the pear juice, which I did was very pretty.  I did the green ingredients second, and they sat on top of the pear juice, and then I did the blueberries last and that sank right in to color the pear juice layer.  Your science lesson for the day:  apparently fruit juice, with all that natural sugar, is heavier than veggie juice.  Interesting to note:  I stirred it together (which you can see below) but it was quick to separate again to look like the picture above.  I had to keep stirring while I drank. 
 Here it is all stirred together.  Doesn't really LOOK like lemonade, does it?  And I need to dig out my quart mason jars, evidently, cuz this mix doesn't quite fit in the pint jar.
This is the container on the back of the juicer that catches all the non-juice parts of the fruits and veggies.  I am quite impressed with how dry this stuff is...the juicer really squeezes it to the max, I guess!  

I had a chance awhile back to buy this really cool stainless steel compost pot and I didn't, cuz I don't have a yard.  I'm wishing I had bought it while it was still on clearance, as it looks like I'm going to have an abundance of material...and maybe I could've saved it for the summer plot I'm going to work.  

But maybe that would just take up space.  For now, I have a garbage disposal and I washed it away.  I forgot to ask if I have one in the new place.  If not, at least this fruit and vegetable matter shouldn't toxify the landfills any further.

Oh yeah...I guess you're wondering how the juice was?  IT WAS GREAT.  Flavorful, frothy, sweet, went down easy, and I felt great about how I was treating my body.  If I could pick up HALF the healthy glow I saw in the 2 guys on "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" or all the cute girls who blog about juicing...well, I'd sure like that.  

Bring on the glow!

Back to packing...

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